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105th Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers)

The Scottish & Ulster Gunners is a British Territorial Army (TA) Regiment of the Royal Artillery. The regiment is part of 51st (Scottish) Brigade (and, to a degree, previously the 107th (Ulster) Brigade, but now the 38th for elements based in Ulster).

It is currently equipped with the L118 Light Gun, which includes the famous One o’clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle. The regiment also fires salutes from Stirling Castle and Hillsborough Castle. The Regiment is headquartered at Artillery House, adjacent to Redford Barracks in Edinburgh.

The Regiment was first formed as the 105th (Scottish) Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery on 1 April 1986 from the Scottish based elements of 102nd (Ulster and Scottish) Regiment Royal Artillery (V) with its Regimental Headquarters at Artillery House, near Redford Barracks in Edinburgh.
After the Options for Change defence review, 102 (Ulster) Air Defence Regiment was absorbed into the 105th Regiment in 1993, becoming 206 (Ulster) Battery.

Prior to 2006 and the implementation of the Delivering Security in a Changing World defence review, the regiment had an air defence role, using the Starstreak missile.

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