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Charity Number: SC 042728

The principal objective of the proposed Scottish Military Heritage Centre (SMHC) is to be a focus for those interested in Scotland’s military history and heritage.

Sub-objectives are:
1. To act as a repository of documents, books, memorabilia and artefacts relating to Scottish military history.
2. To provide a centre of learning and education about Scottish military history.
3. To provide assistance and information to all who may wish to conduct research into Scotlish heritage and its military history.
4. To encourage young Scots to take an interest in its history and heritage, particularly its military aspects.

Achievement of Objectives

It is envisaged that the SMHC will be housed in at least one, but with time possibly several sites.

An initial site would include display areas, a library, a reading room to allow research activities, a café and a gift shop.

The SMHC will have to identify its target audience which might include:
1. Current and ex-members of the military and their families.
2. Tourists who may be interested in Britain’s military history and heritage.
3. Private students of Britain’s military history and heritage.
4. School students who may be studying aspects of Scotland and Britain’s military history.

Depending on research, a ‘Society of Friends’ may be established with activities at the Centre and other benefits (e.g. a regular magazine/newsletter; free or reduced cost admission to the Centre).

The SMHC would work with other museums and similar centres in all countries and would endeavour to create an open and co-operative relationship with them.

As part of its communications strategy, the SMHC reach out to schools, colleges and other appropriate institutions.

To achieve its objectives, the SMHC will require artefacts, books etc. These may be obtained by:
1. Purchase on the open market.
2. Purchase from other museums and centres.
3. Donations from individuals, companies, corporations and governments.
4. Loans from other museums and centres and others.


The location(s) will be in Scotland.

The first site will have to be identified taking into factors such as:
1. Centres of population and tourism.
2. Other museums and centres which might attract visitors who might be interested.
3. Other centres and museums in Scotland and Britain which might be in competition.
4. Grants and monies available to establish and run the SMHC and its site(s).

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Charity Number: SC 042728
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